Borrowed Feathers

Borrowed Feathers presented by Cocktail Detour

Happy New Year – feeling very festive with this bubbly cocktail called Borrowed Feathers.

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz presented by Cocktail Detour

The Aperol Spritz has to be the official drink of summer. Everyone seem to enjoy it, and it’s very understandable.


We thought this cocktail was quite wonderful. It’s bitter and sour at the same time, without overpowering the Champagne.


Monferrato presented by Cocktail Detour

The Monferrato by Leo Robitschek is a rose coloured sparkling cocktail that tastes gorgeous. It’s those few drops of Peychaud that colours the cocktail so nicely, also contributing with a lot of flavour.

Doc Daneeka Royale

Doc Daneeka Royale

What to do with some leftover sparkling wine? Easy, a Doc Daneeka Royale by Alex Day from Death & Co. This is a play on another iconic Champagne cocktail (guess which one) and it’s definitely as good, if not even better . . .

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