The Seaplane by Joseph Schwartz is a French 75 riff, meaning theres lots of Champagne in it!

And who doesn’t love a Champagne driven cocktail? Theres something instantly luxurious with sparkling drinks we think, especially when real Champagne is used. In The Seaplane there’s also Absinthe, and even if the amount is tiny it boosts the cocktail with both character and confidence. The gin means the dryness from the Champagne is further enhanced, while simple syrup and lemon balance the overall flavour experience of this drink.

We thought this cocktail was quite wonderful. It’s bitter and sour at the same time, without overpowering the Champagne. And best of all – after you’ve enjoyed one of these cocktails your left with an almost full bottle of Chamapgne . . . santé!




1 oz gin
0,5 oz fresh lemon juice
0,5 oz simple syrup
2 dashes orange bitters
Absinthe (to rinse)
Champagne (to top up)


Rinse a Champagne flute with Absinthe. Shake all other ingredients but the Champagne with ice and strain into the flute. Top up with Champagne.



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