Some Beach

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We are really excited to partner up with Naked Grouse, trying out their blended malt scotch whisky. It’s a whisky aged on first fill sherry casks, creating a very smooth spirit suitable for both classic and newer cocktails. And making whisky cocktails is a lot of fun. Having previously mainly been a liquor to enjoy on it’s own, there are now so many nice recipes for scotch and whisky cocktails available.

And today we start off with a variation of a cocktail called Some Beach. It’s a really fun drink, combining the smooth scotch with red sweet vermouth and yellow orange juice. The result is an almost glowing pink/orange drink, looking very appealing.

And wow, this is a flavor explosion! The scotch blends in a very natural way with most fruits, and the orange juice is no exception. The Naked Grouse is not smoky at all, allowing the juice and the sweet vermouth to still shine. And even though it’s called sweet vermouth, this fortified wine is not all that sweet in the end, and the cocktail is boozy and sour rather than sweet.

We loved the almost tropical flavors of this cocktail, and will probably try it again during summer. Until then these photos taken in the middle of the Stockholm winter will have to do.

Still quite a lot left in the bottle though. What cocktails do you like to do with scotch?

Some Beach



1,5 oz Naked Grouse scotch whisky
0,5 oz sweet vermouth (red)
0,75 oz orange juice
Club Soda


Shake all ingredients but the Club Soda and strain into a coupe. Top up with the Club Soda and gently stir in the glass with a spoon. A preserved cherry garnish is suggested.



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