Dom Pérignon Society at Operakällaren Stockholm


As the only venue in Sweden, Operakällaren is now part of the Dom Pérignon Society. For lovers of Champagne, and food, this is extravagant news. Being part of this prestigious society means that Operakällaren will have even better access to some of the rarest Dom Pérignon bottles, as well as the collected know-how from all other society members worldwide.⁠

There will for example be the possibility to meet with other chefs and sommeliers, who share the same passion for Champagne as we do, explains Restaurant Manager Hugo Hall. We might arrange themed dinners with Dom Pérignon pairings, we might be able to offer more Dom Pérignon by the glass and we will of course be able to expand our wine cellar with even more curiosities from Dom Pérignon he concludes.

On our visit we were served the newly released Dom Pérignon 2010 as well as its precursor 2008. While being different indeed, both of them are are an absolute delight to enjoy. And although it’s a close call, our favorite was probably the 2010 vintage, as we found it ever so slightly more balanced. The tropical fruit notes are very present, both in the taste and in the aroma. And we are so sold on those bread/yeast notes that somehow bursts in your mouth already on the first sip.⁠

Dom Pérignon 2008 has been a favorite amongst many says Hugo Hall ensuring that Operakällaren will continue serving it. But the 2010 has some fantastic qualities as well he continues. Being recently released it will be interesting to see how it is received, but i personally find it a very enjoyable vintage.

For our tasting Operakällaren had prepared small appetizers for us. One of them was a precious spoon of Osetra caviar which made the perfect savory pairing for this new vintage of Dom Pérignon. Holding a Michelin star, we knew already beforehand that aOperakällaren’s nibbles served with the Champagne would be amazing.⁠

We were seated at Operakällaren’s porch. You really couldn’t ask for a better setting, overlooking some of the most beautiful landmarks of central Stockholm. The most noticeable would be the Royal Castle, which is just outside the porch. Of course you are also literally within the Swedish Royal Opera. It’s a prominent setting for a luxurious Champagne, and we understand very well how Operakällaren and ⁠Dom Pérignon Society are the perfect match.


Leaving Operakällaren after this tasting, we could still perceive the Champagne notes. Waving one last goodbye to the castle, we agreed that Dom Pérignon 2010 needs to be part of this years New Years celebration.

The Royal Castle of Stockholm

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