Borrowed Feathers

gin, sparkling wine
Borrowed Feathers presented by Cocktail Detour


Happy New Year!⁠

How fast has this year passed! It is always slightly breathtaking to realize how quick another year has gone by.⁠

Exactly one year ago we were in Sydney, welcoming 2019 from the balconies of the Sydney Opera House. An unforgettable experience of course. This year we are celebrating back at home in Sweden which is also memorable in its own way.⁠

This cocktail is an original made by ourselves. Around the magic midnight countdown we usually prefer neat Champagne, but earlier during the day sparkling cocktails are super festive. In the Borrowed Feathers we took things in a fruity direction by adding raspberry syrup to sparkling rosé wine. We also added gin to take up the alcohol a bit, and lemon juice for freshness. It turned out very nicely.⁠

Thank you George for letting us use some feathers from Tweed Bar. And thank you Enzo Bartoli Wines for making this crisp, organic sparkling rosé that worked so well in this bubbly cocktail.⁠

Borrowed Feathers

Recipe by Cocktail Detour


1 oz gin⁠
0,5 oz lemon juice⁠
0,5 oz raspberry syrup⁠
Enzo Bartoli sparkling rosé wine to top up with.


In a flute glass, add gin, lemon juice and raspberry syrup. Top up with sparkling rosé wine and add a few brandied cherries.⁠



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