The Dead Rabbit New York – The world’s best bar!

Yesterday was an exciting day, waiting for the yearly list of “worlds50bestbars” to be updated. And after several years with Artesian in London holding first place, there is now a new best bar; The Dead Rabbit – New York We visited this bar already in May 2016 and “only” had to wait 30 minutes to get in –… Continue reading The Dead Rabbit New York – The world’s best bar!

Maison Premiere – New York

So excited to finally visit #23 on for both cocktails and oysters. Maison Premiere in New York’s Williamsburg is definately one of the best bars we’ve been to. The combination of exquisite cocktails and top quality oysters and shellfish is a hit! The long and very unique cocktail list includes cocktails based on rather… Continue reading Maison Premiere – New York

The Aviary – Chicago

When in Chicago we just had to return to amazing, and very innovative bar The Aviary. This bar is currently ranked #29 on prestigious and is so deserving all attention. Cocktails on the pictures features ingredients such as hibiscus, merengue and barbecue bitters. Presentation of the cocktails is a big part of the experience,… Continue reading The Aviary – Chicago

Mace – New York

Being back in New York we got the chance to visit Mace, ranked #38 on This turned out to be one of our greatest bar experiences ever!   The twelve spices All twelve cocktails on the menu are named after the dominant spice featured in the drink. Even the bar itself is named after a spice… Continue reading Mace – New York

Ruby – Copenhagen

Of course cool and trendy Copenhagen in Denmark is home to a bar. Ruby is ranked #34 on the list and is actually the only Scandinavian bar on the list. Hopefully there will be a Swedish or Norwegian bar on the list soon though. However, let’s focus on the Nordic pride Ruby for the moment. The… Continue reading Ruby – Copenhagen

Le Lion – Hamburg

Time to try another award winning bar. On Bar Le Lion in Hamburg is ranked #19. The bar has been on the list for many years – completely understandable in our opinion.   Home of “The Basil Smash” Bar owner Jörg Meyer invented The Basil Smash at this very bar, and of course it’s still… Continue reading Le Lion – Hamburg

Artesian – London

It’s been an exciting day as we were finally able to visit’s top ranked #1 bar Artesian. So the big question is to be answered; is this truly the best bar in the world?   Enter through the hotel Slightly surprising, the supposedly best bar in the world is actually the bar of The Langham… Continue reading Artesian – London

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