Le Lion – Hamburg

Time to try another award winning bar. On www.worlds50bestbars.com Bar Le Lion in Hamburg is ranked #19. The bar has been on the list for many years – completely understandable in our opinion.


Home of “The Basil Smash”

Bar owner Jörg Meyer invented The Basil Smash at this very bar, and of course it’s still on the menu. Today a Basil Smash can be ordered at almost any bar, but having it at Bar Le Lion do add huge authenticity to the drinking experience. Is it any good then? Oh yes, it’s divine. The basil adds a significant herbal tone to the cocktail. The gin is not overpowered though, but rather complemented in a truly refreshing way.

As Swedes we were also happy to see some cocktails based on akvavit. This spirit is often overlooked when it comes to cocktails. Bar Le Lion however proves what a great cocktail ingredient it is, adding a certain bitterness, which is nice in slightly sweeter drinks.

Bar Le Lion accept reservations, although they messed up ours a bit. We forgive them though as we still got in and were compensated with generous servings of Champagne while browsing the cocktail list.

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