Mace – New York

Being back in New York we got the chance to visit Mace, ranked #38 on This turned out to be one of our greatest bar experiences ever!


The twelve spices

All twelve cocktails on the menu are named after the dominant spice featured in the drink. Even the bar itself is named after a spice and of course the corresponding cocktail is on the menu. The mace flavor is accompanied by ingredients such as beetroot, coconut and orange. Spirit-wise this cocktail is built around aperol and akvavit. The result is genius and the drink bursts with flavors.

Other drinks on the current menu were Saffron, Long Pepper, Coriander Seed, Star Anise and Nutmeg. As we in the end visited Mace twice we were able to sample all twelve cocktails. In fact we even got to try a thirteenth cocktail called Mustard. The bartender liked the fact that we liked Mace so much, and offered this cocktail from a previous menu free of charge. We loved this gesture!!


How is it served?

In general we prefer cocktails and short drinks rather than long drinks. Few bars let you know in advance how the cocktail will be served. However at Mace they’ve incorporated this information in the menu, by simply showing a silhouette of the glassware of choice. This meant we knew in advance what type of drink to expect.

Mace deserves all attention it has gotten. The concept is very refreshing, and the staff and bartenders are amazing. This is a bar we will return to often.


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