The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog – New York

The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog is the second best bar (#2) according to

And we did like it a lot! There was a thirty minute wait before we could get in, but well worth the wait it was. The first punch is served on the house and it’s a good preview of what’s to come. Sipping on this freebee while browsing through the menu is the perfect start to a weekend evening in New York. The menu itself is worth some extra attention. Being so cool and sought after they actually sell the menu as a souvenir, it’s in the form of comic book. So did we buy it in the end? Yes we did =)


What’s in the comic book?

Well, actually an almost overwhelming number of signature cocktails. In our fair opinion there were too many options so we had to spend quite some time with the menus before first orders could be made. Everything in the menu seemed very nice though, and our first serving with some rather fruity drinks were much appreciated. We also ordered a bar snack plate, which was a pleasant surprise. Full of fresh vegetable sticks, a dip sauce, olives and nuts it almost made us regret having had dinner before our visit.

The atmosphere of the bar is supposed to mimic that of an Irish pub. And it manages really good. As you can imagine tables are set close to each other to maximize number of guests, but in fact this just adds to the cosiness and intimacy of the bar. Service is attentive and staff are constantly smiling which is always a good sign to us.

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