Artesian – London

It’s been an exciting day as we were finally able to visit’s top ranked #1 barĀ Artesian. So the big question is to be answered; is this truly the best bar in the world?


Enter through the hotel

Slightly surprising, the supposedly best bar in the world is actually the bar of The Langham hotel. However unlike the hotel’s rooms, a table at Artesian cannot be booked. Instead dress up, head to the bar and keep fingers crossed you’ll get in. We decided to visit just before peak hours and were seated immediately. A constant supply of potato crisps and cashew nuts are delivered to your table, along with the interesting cocktail menu printed on dark wood. Options are plentiful and the nice staff took pride in explaining everything and guiding us to the perfect choises.

The pictures in this post give a good feel for the look of the cocktails. Our first order was served in a Dali-inspired elephant. The drink itself is almost hard to spot, but it’s nestled in the middle of the elephant, in a black container. We were instructed to lift the actual elephant instead of just the glass when drinking. Doing so definitely created some attention from other guests in the bar. The cocktail was really good. Very crisp but still subtle.


Hard working animals

Also another cocktail was served on the back of an animal, in this case a shining ant. This drink consisted of two containers and guests were supposed to mix them themselves according to taste. Oatmeal and corn were just two of the unusual ingredients in this peculiar cocktail. The taste is actually hard to describe, a bit milky and fruity, with some crispy bits thrown in. Very pleasant however, and we’ve never seen this type of drink at any other bar.

Simply the best?

In general we’ve really enjoyed all top fifty bars we’ve been to. We would hesitate to say Artesian is better than any other, but it makes complete sense that this bar is the winner in the end. Cocktails are innovative, unique, full of flavor and served generously. Service is personal and engaging and the presentation of cocktails is spectacular.

When in London this will for sure be a must visit for years to come.


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