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Of course cool and trendy Copenhagen in Denmark is home to a bar. Ruby is ranked #34 on the list and is actually the only Scandinavian bar on the list. Hopefully there will be a Swedish or Norwegian bar on the list soon though.

However, let’s focus on the Nordic pride Ruby for the moment. The vintage feel of this bar is awesome. The actual bar is just at the entrance of the bar in a bright and well-lit space. Guests are not seated here though, but rather in the more intimate and cosy lounge. The cocktail menu is presented very nicely in a binder with brass details.


Unique bar snacks

On the menu are some interesting bar snacks. Seen on the top picture are pickled unripe green peaches. Crunchy and sour at the same time, they accompanied our cocktails really nicely. Also bar nuts were provided, although not as exciting as the peaches.

Cocktails were great! Ruby does their own take on the classic Negroni, substituting gin with rum. The also add coffee flavor and some orange sweetness from Amer Picon.

Copenhagen is a great weekend destination for most Europeans. We strongly recommend adding a Ruby visit during such a weekend.


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