Friûl Libar

Friûl Libar presented by Cocktail Detour

An amaro cocktail, the Friûl Libar is an interesting one. Very delicious, and very graceful.


Elequence presented by Cocktail Detour

This original cocktail we ended up with is rather bitter, in a gorgeous way. Funny enough the bitter notes are not only coming from the gin but also from the clementine juice which has a certain bitterness to it.

Forty Thieves

Forty Thieves from Normad presented by Cocktail Detour

The recipe we found in The Nomad Cocktail Book. Yes, we finally bought their cookbook just to get hold of the attached cocktail book. Actually just this single cocktail made it worth it, it’s that good!


The Legend is an interesting one. It mixes rum and Cognac, something you don’t see too often. But then also some other high quality ingredients are added. Lustau sherry and amaro Nonino are both such great spirits on their own, and combined with the rum and the Cognac a legend is definitely born.

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