We have a lot of cocktail books in our library, but the title we have probably used the most is the one by Death & Co. It’s a big black book filled with original recipes from the award winning bar in New York City.

And very fittingly one of the cocktails in the book is called “Legend”, created by Jillian Vose. In this post we’d like to pay our tribute both to the book itself, and to the many great recipes within it.

The Legend is an interesting one. It mixes rum and Cognac, something you don’t see too often. But then also some other high quality ingredients are added. Lustau sherry and amaro Nonino are both such great spirits on their own, and combined with the rum and the Cognac a legend is definitely born.

Seeing the book from the angle in this photo, the many post-it markers we’ve filled it with are not visible. Seeing the book from another side would reveal how many more cocktails we still plan to do. In other words, expect more to come!




1 oz Cognac
0,5 oz rum medium dark rum
0,75 oz Lustau Amontillado sherry
0,5 oz amaro Nonino
0,25 oz demerara syrup
1 dash aromatic bitters
1 dash Angostura bitters


Stir with ice and strain into glassware.



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