It’s inevitable. If you mix two Swedish spirits like punsch and aquavit, of course the cocktail you end up with must be called a Viking.

But the cocktail version of the viking is much more prettier compared to the real thing. Apart from the spirits already discussed, this cocktail also contains fresh lime juice. And the mix of these three ingredients makes a delicious cocktail. The semi sweet punsch is what you first notice, but on your second sip you also sense a licorice flavour in the background coming from the aquavit. And finally there is the acidity from the lime, elegantly smoothing out the strong spirits.

1,5 oz Swedish punsch
1 oz aquavit
1 oz lime juice
Shake with fresh ice. Double strain into a fancy cocktail glass.

Swedish punsch is now something that’s getting more and more available also outside the Nordic countries. If you have a bottle, or if you’re thinking of getting one, this is a great cocktail to try it in.


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