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Monkey 47 has always been a favourite gin for us. We like the beautiful bottle and label on their own, but the product inside is so delicious as well. A rather unique gin it is, and many say it’s best enjoyed neat on its own.

This rule we break here though by combining it with several of the things we like. Clementine juice, lime juice and simple syrup to add acidity, sweetness and colour. And then we also add amaro Nonino and Cocchi Americano for a subtle spiciness and some more alcohol.

This original cocktail we ended up with is rather bitter, in a gorgeous way. Funny enough the bitter notes are not only coming from the gin but also from the clementine juice which has a certain bitterness to it. We liked the end result a lot.




0,75 oz Monkey 47 gin
0,5 oz amaro Nonino
1 oz Cocchi Americano
1 oz clementine juice
0,5 oz lime juice
0,25 oz simple syrup


Shake everything vigorously with fresh ice and strain into a rocks glass.



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