Copa de Oro – variation

We asked for tips for more Cynar cocktails and Home Bar Girl came to rescue. Cynar is great to enjoy with only ice and soda but you can do so much more. To blend it with calvados is an excellent idea.

On our Cynar road travel we tried to mix it with Aquavit in the Trident cocktail and in the Norweigan Negroni and with sherry and mezcal in the Tobacco Road. We really enjoy the bitter sweet taste and Cynar has earned a permanent place in our liquor cabinet.

Copa de Oro

What’s in it?

2 oz Calvados

1 oz Lillet Blanc (originally Cocchi Americano)

0,25 oz Cynar

2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Grapefruit peel (oginally Orange)

Stir with ice.

After a recipe from Home Bar Girl

Copa de Oro

Copa de Oro


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