All time favourite cocktail “The Last Word”

We’ve had posts before with The Last Word, but we couldn’t resist posting it again as it is such a great cocktail. It’s also an easy cocktail to make at home, as long ¬†as you manage to scout the ingredients. This recipe is an equal part one, so just make sure to use fresh lime juice and the result should be brilliant.

The main flavor in this cocktail is the green chartreuse. It’s an herbal liqueur made using a secret recipe. It’s made with more than 100 herbs, where angelica is supposed to be the dominant one. Hard to judge wether that it is the case, but it’s nevertheless a very nice spirit and the shining star in The Last Word. In some countries it’s a hard to find bottle, whereas in other it’s widely available. We usually buy it when in Germany, where it’s widely available.

Luxardo’s maraschino liqueur can also be tricky to find, although it’s a staple in any bar. So whenever you have the opportunity to bring a bottle home, do so! The liqueur of course tastes like the iconic red maraschino cherries used to decorate a vast amount of cocktails. In The Last Word the maraschino liqueur acts as sweetener, also adding a nice sour fruitiness to the drink.

As both green chartreuse and maraschino liqueur are high quality spirits it’s nice to also use a really good gin brand, and of course organic limes to create a truly sophisticated cocktail.

What’s in it?

3/4 oz gin

3/4 oz green chartreuse

3/4 oz maraschino liqueur

3/4 oz lime juice

Shake with ice, dubble strain into a glas and garnish with a maraschino cherry.



The decoration for this cocktail is obvious; a single maraschino cherry!


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