Trident cocktail

This recipe we found in one of our essential cocktail books, Bitters – by Brad Thomas Parsons. The bitters used in this recipe are peach bitters, and the author recommends Fee Brothers version. It’s a rather unusual cocktail as it features aquavit, rarely used in cocktails. Another ingredient is hard-to-find cynar, an Italian artichoke liqueur.

The taste of this cocktail is slightly sweet, at the same time a bit bitter. Using sherry means it’s not the strongest drink alcohol-wise, but of course the aquavit makes it a rather potent drink anyway. It’s a nice cocktail that we really want to recommend.

We served this cocktail in some vintage glassware we recently found in a thrift shop. There were only two of them, so let’s hope we never break one!


What’s in it

1 oz dry sherry

1 oz cynar

1 oz aquavit

2 dashes of peach bitters (or other fruit bitters)

Stirred, not shaken




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