A bottle of Cynar

We picked up a bottle of Cynar at the government run liquor store today. We became intrigued after reading about it and bought it to make a mezcal cocktail. Cynar, a herbal bitter liqueur infused with thirteen herbs and plants, where one is artichoke (the latin ‘Cynar scolymus’).

The aroma made us immediately wanting to taste it. On the back label there are two recipes, Cynar & tonic and Cynar & soda.

Cynar and Soda

Cynar & Soda

1 part Cynar

3 parts Soda Water

Slice of Orange (we did Lemon) and Icecubes


Its perfect! A little sweet, bitter and a some herbal tones. Excellent in the afternoon on a hot summer day in the shadow on the patio.

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