Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar presented by Cocktail Detour

We like how balanced this cocktail is. It’s many different flavours compliment each other and create a boozy and stiff cocktail, that’s still so easy and enjoyable to sip.

Anotha’ One

Anotha' One presented by Cocktail Detour

We used honey from Sweden. And that’s one of the things we think is so awesome with cocktails. Ingredients from totally different parts of the world can be mixed into the same glass, and create something amazing.

Red Viper

Red Viper presented by Cocktail Detour

Mezcal is so good! We can’t get enough of that smokiness, that really comes through also in this cocktail. It’s a very sophisticated spirit that everyone definitely should try, especially tequila lovers.

Le Bateleur

Le Bateleur

This is a perfect slow sipper cocktail, high on ABV. It’s also a 3,5 oz recipe so you’re in for a long lasting indulgence. If you garnish with an orange twist like we did you also get a nice citrus kick that both tastes and looks good.

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