Anotha’ One

cynar, mezcal
Anotha' One presented by Cocktail Detour


So a few weeks ago we saw something very tempting in Tyler James’s beautiful Instagram feed. It was a mezcal cocktail paired with Maraschino liqueur, and that combination certainly intrigued us. Judging by the many positive comments Tyler got on his post, several others also seemed to like his creation. It was an instant bookmark, and here is the outcome of when we made it at home.

The cocktail is called Anotha’ One and apart from the ingredients already mentioned it also has Cynar, lemon juice and honey syrup in it. What’s really interesting about the cocktail is how well the smokiness of the mezcal and the sweetness of the liqueur and the honey syrup blend. It takes away the sharper edges of the mezcal a little bit, without ruining that signature flavour of this smoked spirit.

We used honey from Sweden. And that’s one of the things we think is so awesome with cocktails. Ingredients from totally different parts of the world can be mixed into the same glass, and create something amazing. Cheers to Mexican mezcal . . . and Swedish honey. And thanks Tyler for the recipe.

Anotha’ One



1 oz mezcal
0,5 oz Maraschino liqueur
0,5 oz Cynar
0,5 oz honey syrup
0,75 oz lemon juice


Shake with fresh ice and strain into whatever glassware you find pretty.



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