PERSEPOLIS presented by Cocktail Detour

Rose syrup is a cool ingredient, here resulting in an Oriental-inspired cocktail.

Pushing Daisy

Pushing Daisy presented by Cocktail Detour

Combining the uniqueness of Strega, with the kick of Fernet-Branca and acidity of fresh lemon is brilliant! We really can’t praise the Pushing Daisy enough.

Le Bateleur

Le Bateleur

This is a perfect slow sipper cocktail, high on ABV. It’s also a 3,5 oz recipe so you’re in for a long lasting indulgence. If you garnish with an orange twist like we did you also get a nice citrus kick that both tastes and looks good.

Gargoyle & Spire

The Strega has a beautiful yellow colour. Flavour wise its not too far from yellow Chartreuse, but at the same time different.

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