Pushing Daisy

fernet branca, strega, vermouth
Pushing Daisy presented by Cocktail Detour


The Pushing Daisy cocktail by Mattias Skoog has such a great meaning to us. It was one of the first cocktails we tried at renowned bar Tjoget in our home town Stockholm. And the the first time we ever tried it was on my birthday back in May, and after that we’ve ordered it several times.

So discovering the recipe for this, which we thought was like the world’s biggest secret was almost a life changer. It turns out our buddy Anders visited Tjoget on a trip to Sweden and somehow miraculously managed to get the recipe;

The result is so mouthwatering! Combining the uniqueness of Strega, with the kick of Fernet-Branca and acidity of fresh lemon is brilliant! We really can’t praise this cocktail enough, and now you have no excuse to not make it home, or at least order it at bar Tjoget, currently the world’s 44th best bar.

The Sugar Dandy glasses from Swedish glassworkers Kosta Boda were the obvious choice for this extravagant cocktail. Bold cocktails require bold glassware choices!


Pushing Daisy



0,75 oz Strega
0,75 oz dry vermouth
0,75 oz lemon juice
0,5 oz agave syrup
1 bar spoon Fernet-Branca


Shake with ice and strain into an extravagant coupe glass.



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