dry vermouth, strega, yellow chartreuse
Cromulent presented by Cocktail Detour



Today’s original cocktail borrows both its proportions and its composition from one of our favourite cocktails, The Last Word.

The Cromulent ends up much more yellow compared to the brilliant original though. And this is because we use both yellow Chartreuse, Strega and lemon juice. And substituting the gin in this cocktail is dry vermouth. It brings the same bitterness as gin but with lower ABV. Also worth mentioning is that yellow Chartreuse is less alcohol strong compared to green Chartreuse.

Surprisingly this alternative cocktail taste a lot like the original. There are subtle differences though. The double dose of liqueurs makes the Cromulent slightly sweeter than a Last Word, and using lemon instead of lime actually change the flavour more than one could imagine. And while gin is always delicious, the dry vermouth in this recipe is very complementing to the drink.




0,75 oz dry vermouth
0,75 oz yellow Chartreuse
0,75 oz Strega
0,75 oz fresh lemon juice


Shake with fresh ice and serve in a small but tall glass.


“small but tall”

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