Limitations No. 2

cognac, cynar, dry vermouth, rye, st germain
Limitations No. 2 presented by Cocktail Detour


We spotted this cocktail over at @trufflesontherocks and it was born when owner Jean-Félix was craving a Boulevardier but was out of Campari. Instead, he took all good things he had on hand and created this limit-filled yet limit-less cocktail.

And it’s a really good one! It’s boozy, strong and in -your-face and that wonderful way that a cocktail can be. The Cynar adds the nice bitterness we’ve come to love in cocktails and the elderflower liqueur works from the other direction to sweeten things up a bit.

The vintage glassware with horses on have been sitting on our shelf for a while while we were trying to find a horse related cocktail. After a few months we decided to not limit ourselves to only horse cocktails in these glasses, a Limitations No. 2 works just as well.

Cheers to no limits Jean-Félix!

Limitations No. 2

Recipe by Jean-Félix


1 oz rye
0,75 oz Cynar
0,5 oz Cognac
0,5 oz St-Germain
0,5 oz extra dry vermouth


Stir all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a coupe. Add a splash of St-Germain and potentially some lemon oil.



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