Flatiron Martini

lillet blanc, triple sec, vodka
Flatiron Martini presented by Cocktail Detour


Take a look at this portable vodka from Dervana Vodka founded in Sweden back in 2018. It comes in mini bar sized bottles, which becomes completely flat when the vodka is gone.

So the Flatiron Martini seemed fitting to make. It’s an elegant riff, adding Lillet Blanc and orange liqueur to the vodka itself. We thought the drink was delightful. And although being no vodka connoisseurs we can tell the Dervana vodka is of high quality! We also think the packaging looks really crisp.

Flatiron Martini

Recipe by Julie Reiner


Cointreau (just enough to rinse the glass)
1,5 oz vodka
1,5 oz Lillet Blanc


Start by rinsing your fanciest coupe with Cointreau. Stir the vodka and Lillet Blanc with fresh ice, and strain into the rinsed coupe. Garnish with an orange twist.



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