La Guildive

licor 43, peach liqueur, rum
La Guildive presented by Cocktail Detour


It’s that time of the year. It’s time to Tiki The Snow Away!

We are thrilled to participate in this tropical event yet another time; @tikithesnowaway

This year we’re going slightly more subtle. No pineapple, no banana, no umbrellas. But certainly a lot of rum, and nice notes of vanilla from the Licor 43. Combined with sweet peach and stingy ginger beer, this recipe by tiki guru Martin Cate is definitely a must-try!

And yes, Sweden for sure need some tiki-ing right now. Our streets are filled with snow and super slippery ice. Winter is without a doubt here!

La Guildive

Recipe by Martin Cate


1 oz ginger beer
0,5 oz fresh lime juice
0,5 oz Licor 43
0,25 oz peach liqueur
2 oz blended aged rum


Add the ginger beer to a coupe. Shake all other ingredients with fresh ice and strain into the coupe over the ginger beer.



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