The Confident Man

aperol, st germain, vodka
The Confident Man presented by Cocktail Detour


We had some elderflower liqueur left and wanted to use it in a new drink. We found The Confident Man and thought it sounded like a drink we would enjoy.

And we did! This is a bittersweet cocktail that mixes grapefruit and Aperol but balances it with the sweet elderflower. The vodka is what creates the booziness in the drink. We don’t use vodka very often, but thought it worked well in this recipe combined with quite a few other ingredients with characteristic flavors.

The Confident Man

Recipe by Joe Campanale


1,5 oz vodka
0,5 oz elderflower liqueur
0,5 oz Aperol
1 oz grapefruit juice


Shake with fresh ice and double strain into a rocks glass filed with ice.



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