Miniature Mezcal Margarita

Cocktails should be fun.

Cocktails should be simple.

Cocktails should be social.


These are the forewords in innovative cocktail book Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails by Eric Prum and Josh Williams. And we couldn’t agree more. Cocktails can contain posh spirits, exclusive decorations and other hard to get stuff. The most important ingredient however is the love for cocktailing! With that added you are to enjoy your drink!

In this post, the one hundredth of Cocktail Detour we wanted to break a few rules, but still end up with a cocktail worthy both drinking and taking photographs of. In Eric’s and Josh’s book there is a recipe for a winter margarita. It’s called a Mid-Winter Marg. and apart from tequila and cointreau it contains both lime juice and grapefruit juice. The glass is rimmed with a chili salt.

Now we didn’t have grapefruits or limes available today, but lots of lemons though. Chili flakes we had, and sea salt of course. Tequila we have, but we like mezcal more so with these ingredients we made our version of the winter margarita. And finally, we decided to make this a miniature cocktails, to be enjoyed in one single sip.



In our version we used equal parts mezcal, cointreau and fresh lemon juice.



This is a fun part, mixing sea salt with chili flakes.



Carefully rimming the edge of the glass in the chili sea salt (making it stick with some lemon juice).



The result; a Miniature Mezcal Margarita photographed in the middle of the Swedish winter.




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