Norwegian Negroni

The Norwegian Negroni is a twist of the bittersweet Negroni cocktail. We are always looking for new experiences and since we are Swedes we have a culture of Akvavit and snaps. Local Akvavit is usually only used as snaps to the savory part of the smorgasbord and crayfish party. We just have to try it in a cocktail.

Finding many different inspirations online we decided to use our Norwegian Linie Akvavit, sweet vermouth and Cynar.

The taste is exciting and you feel the Negroni characteristic like bitter and sweetness but also spices like caraway and aniseed. The spices bring complexity without taking over. Try it!

Norwegian Negroni bottles

The Norwegian Negroni

1,5 oz Linie Akvavit

1 oz Sweet vermouth, we used Capano Antica Formula

0,5 oz Cynar

Orange peel

Stir ingredients with ice and serve in a martini glass.

 Norwegian Negroni

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