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Akvavit is a Scandinavian snaps flavored with herbs and spices. You will find caraway, cardamom, fennel, cumin, anise and peal from lemon and oranges in different combination depending on brand and origin. In Sweden we enjoy Akvavit ice-cold in a snaps together with the savory part of the smorgasbord at christmas, easter, midsummer or with crayfish in the fall. We are not fanatic about snaps but have one or two during the family gatherings around the holidays.


Linie Akvavit

We bought Norwegian Linie Akvavit to use as a cocktail ingredient. Why that and not a Swedish one could wonder. There are several Swedish Akvavit like OP Andersson, Herrgårds and Skåne. What differ Linie from the swedish ones are that Linie has matured on oak sherry cask. Not only that it has also crossed the equator! two times when matured on a boat traveling around the world. The maturing gives it a rounder aroma together with caraway and aniseed. It rounder and milder than for example the OP Andersson.

On the back of the label you can see when the Akvavit traveled and on what ship. Our bottle states that the content was onboard M/S “Tysla” between 16/07/2015 to 13/11/2015 and crossing the “Linie” (Equator) twice.

After trying a few cocktails we must say that this is a cool cocktail ingredient.

Have you tried Akvavit? What bottle are your favorite? Any suggestion for the perfect Akvavit cocktail? Leave a comment!

And as we say in Sweden: Skål (Cheers)


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