Being bitter

There really are thousands of different bitters to buy. And buying and collecting bitters can almost become addictive. The bottles are usually very intriguing, with potent looks and interesting taste descriptions.

We have a lot of bitters in our collection, but tend to use some more often than others. On this picture we’ve arranged our essentials, the ones that are hard to be without for making classic cocktails, and a few that we’ve come to like because they add interest to drinks.


Our essential bitters

  • Peychaud for its intense color, unique taste and versatile use
  • Celery Bitter for unique vegetable taste adding complexity to many cocktails
  • Angostura Bitter because it’s the world’s best known bitter
  • Orange Bitter as citrus oil works so well with basically all drinks
  • Ginger Bitter when a stingy bitter is needed
  • Jamaican Spice Bitter for earthy drinks requiring some spice
  • Chocolate Bitter not for sweetness but for complexity
  • Lavender Bitter for a floral touch to several cocktails


Bitters are often sold in small bottles making them relatively inexpensive to buy. Also they are usually quite alcohol strong, meaning they have a really long shelf life.

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