Martinez – the Martini precursor

The Martinez cocktail is an old cocktail that was described in the 1884 The Modern Bartender’s Guide by O. H. Byron. The book’s second name is “Fancy Drinks and How to Mix Them”. The Martinez is described as “Same as Manhattan, only you substitute gin for whisky”. Modern Martinez recipes are a little different. It’s… Continue reading Martinez – the Martini precursor

Being bitter

There really are thousands of different bitters to buy. And buying and collecting bitters can almost become addictive. The bottles are usually very intriguing, with potent looks and interesting taste descriptions. We have a lot of bitters in our collection, but tend to use some more often than others. On this picture we’ve arranged our… Continue reading Being bitter

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The Gardiner

From cocktail book “Canadian Cocktails” by Scott McCallum & Victoria Walsh comes a very delightful cocktail called “The Gardiner”. The book is available at both American Amazon and European Amazon. Muddle a piece of fresh rosemary and shake with the below ingredients: 1,75 oz rye 0,5 oz green chartreuse 0,5 oz sweet vermouth 0,5 bar spoon fig syrup… Continue reading The Gardiner

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