Grow Ni

Grow Ni presented by Cocktail Detour

A Negroni riff made with an exceptional gin – “Ferdinand’s” made of Riesling grapes.

Rum Direction

Rum Direction

In this cocktail, called Rum Direction, we are using Pyrat rum. it’s that chubby bottle with a metal medallion around its neck. It has an orange flavour going on, that probably doesn’t work in all cocktails, but it’s so good in this one.

El Presidente

El Presidente, another classic where there are as many different proportions as recipes. Old, yes, originally described in 1919 and built on rum, curaçao and vermouth. Suitable for a Friday evening cocktail unwinding in front of the fire place as autumn is here. The colour is not as red as other recipes as we used natural grenadine… Continue reading El Presidente

Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails

One of our cocktail books taken out most often is Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails by Ted Haigh. This book is a treasure cove for fans of the American 1920’s cocktail era. Most recipes in the book are very valid also today, and ingredients are surprisingly available. There is a lot of background information on each… Continue reading Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails


Today is a fantastic summer day to try out a cocktail that has been on our mind since my last visit to Phamarium in Stockholm. On their ‘International’ part of their cocktail menu is Chrysanthemum. The cocktail first known from Hugo Ensslin’s book Recipes for Mixed Drinks from 1917. The book was one of the last New York… Continue reading Chrysanthemum

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