Rum Direction

Rum Direction
Rum Direction


Our interest in rum has increased over the last year. It could be because we’ve visited a lot of great tiki bars, or it could also be because of a rum distillery tour we did this summer. Or it’s just because there are so many mouthwatering rums out there.

In this cocktail, called Rum Direction, we are using Pyrat rum. it’s that chubby bottle with a metal medallion around its neck. It has an orange flavour going on, that probably doesn’t work in all cocktails, but it’s so good in this one.

Rum Direction



1,75 oz dark rum
2/3 oz Cocchi vermouth amaro (or plain sweet vermouth)
2/3 oz banana liqueur
1 tsp Velvet Falernum
2 dashes Angostura bitters


Stir with fresh ice. Strain into a rocks glass.


rocks glass

Banana liqueur is another favorite bottle for us. We are always only using Giffard’s Banane du BrĂ©sil. It’s truly a high quality product, that gives you lot of banana flavour in an authentic (and not synthetic) way.

This recipe is by Oskar Kinberg, and we found it in his book “Cocktail Cookbook”.

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