Swedish tonic cocktails


In this post we are trying tonic syrup from Swedish tonic to create two original cocktails. Swedish tonic is the product of three young Swedish entrepreneurs who wanted to bring back a natural, true to history and simply delicious tonic. Of course it’s produced with real quinine, and not the chemical substitute you often find in mass produced tonics.

So whenever you think of tonic there’s a certain iconic cocktail that come’s to ones mind. And even if we also wanted to feature a Gin & Tonic in this post we decided to give it a twist:

GINAPPLE & TONIC (to the left in the photo)
1,5 oz gin
1 oz pineapple juice
carbonated Swedish tonic to top up
Shake the gin and pineapple juice with ice and strain into a tall glass. Top up with carbonated Swedish tonic and garnish with a mint spring.

So to add some fruitiness and also some color we used pineapple juice, and to further enhance the herbal notes from the Swedish tonic a large mint spring is used as garnish. This G&T variation turned out quite delicious, and it’s an easy way of making a classic feel new.

One of the advantages of using tonic syrup rather than tonic water, is that it allows for non sparkling tonic cocktails. We wanted to create a rather elegant tonic cocktail, taking full advantage of the Swedish tonic flavour, without mimicking a G&T too much. We also wanted to stick with the pineapple theme and decided to use Plantation pineapple rum as the base of the cocktail. We paired it with Giffard’s gorgeous banana liqueur, fresh lime juice and of course a generous amount of the tonic syrup:

RUMTRONIC (to the right in the photo)
1,5 oz Plantation pineapple rum
0,5 oz Swedish tonic
0,5 oz banana liqueur
0,5 oz fresh lime juice
Shake with ice and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a few flakes of toasted coconut

This cocktail turned out so well! The sweetness in the pineapple and the banana are very well balanced by the bitterness from the tonic and the acidity from the lime. This cocktail is a grown up relative to a G&T, where the tonic is really allowed to shine!

Thank you so much Swedish tonic for letting us try your awesome product!

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