The Hallelujah Cocktail


The Hallelujah Cocktail is a peculiar one. It mixes Cognac and rum, which is quite unusual. And then to make things even more strange a big amount of dry vermouth is added, and finally it all finishes off with just the tiniest amount of lime juice and grenadine. The cocktail is described in quite some detail in vintage cocktail book “The Gentleman’s Companion” from 1939. It’s an odd but fun drink book, and facsimiles are available to buy.

The drink itself is rather dry. If you like more sweet drinks add more grenadine, and if you like more sour drinks add more lime juice. The original recipe looks like this though:

1 oz Cognac
4 drops of fresh lime juice
1,5 oz dry vermouth
0,75 oz rum
0,5 table spoon of grenadine
All the ingredients are shaken with ice. If possible, serve in glassware with hand painted roosters on. A maraschino cherry is the perfect garnish.


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