Brace Position

Brace Position presented by Cocktail Detour

The Swedish cherries are here, and we wanted that to permeate this post. While not using the cherries in the actual cocktail they made a perfect side snack to be enjoyed together with the drink.

The Airman

The color of this cocktail is so exciting, because despite adding quite a lot of intense-blue violette liqueur, the cocktail still turns out green.

Sloe & Steady Cocktail

  Tonight we are shaking a truly smashing cocktail from Oskar Kinberg’s “Cocktail Cookbook“. The Sloe & Steady is a drink made with several brightly colored spirits, hence the finished cocktail gets a very spectacular look. Oskar describes the cocktail as perfumed and we are bound to agree. Especially the violet liqueur adds a very aromatic touch. Do… Continue reading Sloe & Steady Cocktail

Arsenic & Old Lace

Found a dussin of recipes online for cocktails with Pasts. This is “Arsenic & Old Lace”. Pastis is very dominant and tend to take over when in cocktails. This is what also happened to us with this cocktail.  The taste divides us between okay to undrinkable. One thing you cannot complain about is the visual impact though,… Continue reading Arsenic & Old Lace


Finally got our hands on some violet liqueur and were able to make a classic “Aviation”. Its pale blu color really resembles a cloudy sky. If you like gin, this cocktail should be a fovourite.   To make one, just shake these ingredients: 2 oz gin 0,5 oz luxardo maraschino 0,25 oz violet liqueur 0,75… Continue reading Aviation

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