The Airman


A while ago we had the honor of meeting Bridget Firtle at a spirit tasting at Astor Wines & Spirits in New York. Bridget is the founder and CEO of The Noble Experiment NYC who produces Owney’s Rum. It’s an amazing local rum with great flavours and aromas, perfect for cocktail making. Our first drink made with Owney’s is “The Airman” from restaurant Dear Bushwick in Brooklyn. It’s basically an Aviation made with rum rather than gin. The color of the cocktail is so exciting, because despite adding quite a lot of intense-blue violette liqueur, this cocktail still turns out green (perfectly matching our citrus juicer)!

2 oz rum (preferably Owney’s)
2 tsp violette liqueur
0,75 oz fresh lime juice
0,75 oz simple syrup
1 drop rose water
Shake with ice, strain and pour.


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