Arsenic & Old Lace

Found a dussin of recipes online for cocktails with Pasts. This is “Arsenic & Old Lace”.

Pastis is very dominant and tend to take over when in cocktails. This is what also happened to us with this cocktail.  The taste divides us between okay to undrinkable. One thing you cannot complain about is the visual impact though, its a gorgeous cocktail, blue from the Violet Liqueur and slightly milky from the Pastis. As the alcohol level still is high its semitransparent. If you continue to stir it with ice it will eventually go completely milky.




Arsenic & Old Lace

1.5 oz Gin

0,5 oz Pastis (or less)

0,5 oz Crème de Violette

0,25 oz Dry Vermouth

Lemon twist

Stir over ice and serve straight up.


We did 0,5 oz Pastis and that was overwhelming. For next time we will try with less Pastis or a try the variant from Maison Premiere with Absint instead of Pastis.


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