Sloe & Steady Cocktail

  Tonight we are shaking a truly smashing cocktail from Oskar Kinberg’s “Cocktail Cookbook“. The Sloe & Steady is a drink made with several brightly colored spirits, hence the finished cocktail gets a very spectacular look. Oskar describes the cocktail as perfumed and we are bound to agree. Especially the violet liqueur adds a very aromatic touch. Do… Continue reading Sloe & Steady Cocktail

Book: The Bar Book

The cover of the book shows eight strainers. This is not what you’d typically need in your home bar, but rather in a commercial bar. However, apart from what the cover might suggest, The Bar Book by Jeffrey Morgenthaler and Martha Holmberg is aimed at providing basic cocktail knowledge for home bar enthusiasts. The chapters cover topics… Continue reading Book: The Bar Book

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