Bull Fight

Bull Fight presented by Cocktail Detour

If you look closely, doesn’t this moustache also resemble the horns on a bull? This is the Bull Fight cocktail!

Prince of Orange

Prince of Orange presented by Cocktail Detour

In the Prince of Orange cocktail there is orange marmelade. An unusual but fun ingredient in a drink.

Assembly Cocktail

Assembly Cocktail presented by Cocktail Detour

Cognac in cocktails – yes we think it works really well. There is something luxurious with Cognac isn’t there, just like with Champagne.

Butterscotch Collins

Butterscotch Collins

What made us intrigued by the Butterscotch Collins was the quantity of lemon juice, almost half this cocktail consists of lemon juice. So does this mean it’s the most sour cocktail ever?


Whenever we see orgeat in a cocktail’s ingredient list we are tempted to try it. There’s something about this almond syrup that intrigues us, probably the nutty sweet flavour.

Modern Manners

We finally bought a bottle of drambuie and were excited to try it in a cocktail. On the drambuie webpage we found a cocktail called Modern Manners and decided to give it a go. Extra nice was the fact that this recipe also contains kirschwasser, a cherry eau-de-vie, that we happened to buy when in Düsseldorf… Continue reading Modern Manners

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