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Shipwrecked Cocktail presented by Cocktail Detour


The Shipwrecked cocktail by Raffi Jergerian might be more of an autumn cocktail. But we gladly made it also now during spring as it’s anyway such a delicious cocktail.

With both rum and cinnamon syrup in the ingredients list this is kind of a tiki cocktail, minus the traditional tiki styling and garnishing.

What might look like a simple cocktail when served turns out to be a quite complex flavor experience. The rum paired with the scotch, accompanied by cinnamon and sweet Drambuie surely creates an intriguing cocktail.

This one made a lasting impression on us!




1,5 oz aged rum
1 oz Drambuie
0,25 oz smoky scotch
0,25 oz cinnamon syrup


Stir all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a coupe glass.



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