Butterscotch Collins

Butterscotch Collins
Butterscotch Collins


Seen from above is this Butterscotch Collins cocktail, made with scotch, Drambuie, lemon juice and soda water. What made us intrigued by the recipe was the quantity of lemon juice, almost half this cocktail consists of lemon juice. So does this mean it’s the most sour cocktail ever?

Surprisingly it’s not. There is actually also a small amount of simple syrup in this cocktail, but not enough to totally balance all that lemon. It’s probably more the sweet Drambuie and the soda water that mellow everything a bit and make this a refreshing, almost fruity cocktail with tiki vibes in the background.


Butterscotch Collins



0,25 oz simple syrup
1,5 oz scotch
0,5 oz Drambuie
2 oz fresh lemon juice
soda water


Shake all ingredients but the soda water with ice, strain and pour. Top up with soda water.


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What is your favourite Dambuie cocktail?

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