Whenever we see orgeat in a cocktail’s ingredient list we are tempted to try it. There’s something about this almond syrup that intrigues us, probably the nutty sweet flavour.

In the Braveheart, by Scott Marshall there is orgeat, but also rum, Drambuie and lime juice. Apart from the orgeat, the combination of rum and whisky based Drambuie is what makes this cocktail so appealing. The drink is also the perfect excuse to bring out those cocktail umbrellas!

These collins glasses are a family heirloom. They are handmade and super thin. Scary to use because of that, but at the same time a bit heartwarming.

1,5 oz rum
0,5 oz Drambuie
0,5 oz orgeat
0,75 oz lime juice
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Shake with ice, double strain and pour.


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