Jaguar presented by Cocktail Detour

This recipe uses Amer Picon which is a bittersweet French orange-flavored aperitif. It is a common bottle throughout Europe, less so in the USA.

Brooklyn Cocktail

A Manhattan is likely to be one of the most well known and famous cocktails throughout the world. However there are other New York borough based cocktails, and this time we will stir a Brooklyn cocktail. Just like a Manhattan it’s based around whiskey (we use bourbon), but it also contains dry vermouth (instead of sweet) as well… Continue reading Brooklyn Cocktail

“Saint Negroni Cocktail” – the ultimate Negroni variation

We’ve previously mentioned our visit to world class bar “Ruby” in Copenhagen. When we were there they had a very nice Negroni variation on the menu. They called it the Saint Negroni. The recipe is obviously not easily available, but over the months we’ve been trying to stir our own Saint Negroni at home, and finally… Continue reading “Saint Negroni Cocktail” – the ultimate Negroni variation

Book: Liquid Intelligence

Now it gets really nerdy. Liquid Intelligence by Dave Arnold is probably one of the most technically advanced cocktail books available. The byline of the book actually is “The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail”. There are not a lot of recipes in the book, here methods of obtaining the perfect cocktail is in… Continue reading Book: Liquid Intelligence

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