The Sanctuary is very French cocktail, using only French ingredients. It’s primarily based around Dubonnet which is an aperitif wine, but then two orange based spirits are added to create this cocktail. Amer Picon is another aperitif with very noticeable aromas and flavors of orange. It’s an exquisite product, widely available in Europe (but potentially harder to find in America). And finally there’s Cointreau to add even more orange notes, but also some sweetness and a subtle bitterness.

1,5 oz Dubonnet Rouge
0,75 oz Amer Picon
0,75 oz Cointreau
Stir all ingredients with ice, strain and pour

Here served in irregular glassware with an added paper rose and some green leaves, we wanted to create a Paris feel around this serving. And it somehow worked . . . take a sip on this one . . . close your yeux . . . écouter . . . et voilà vous êtes en France. Santé!


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