Brooklyn Cocktail

A Manhattan is likely to be one of the most well known and famous cocktails throughout the world. However there are other New York borough based cocktails, and this time we will stir a Brooklyn cocktail. Just like a Manhattan it’s based around whiskey (we use bourbon), but it also contains dry vermouth (instead of sweet) as well as Amer Picon and Maraschino liqueur.


Brooklyn Cocktail


Whats in it?

2 oz bourbon

1 oz dry vermouth

0,25 oz amer picon

0,25 oz maraschino liqueur

Stir all ingredients until completely chilled. Pour into a fancy glass of your choice.


Brooklyn Cocktail


The added ingredients make the Brooklyn cocktail a bit more complex than a Manhattan. Especially the Amer Picon contributes with its orange/bitter elements.

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