“Saint Negroni Cocktail” – the ultimate Negroni variation

We’ve previously mentioned our visit to world class bar “Ruby” in Copenhagen. When we were there they had a very nice Negroni variation on the menu. They called it the Saint Negroni. The recipe is obviously not easily available, but over the months we’ve been trying to stir our own Saint Negroni at home, and finally we’re happy with ingredients and proportions. This is definitely becoming a favorite cocktail, and given that you like slightly bitter cocktails, do try this at home!


Saint Negroni (our take on it)

2 fresh coffee beans

1 oz angostura 1919 rum

1 oz antica formula sweet vermouth

0,5 oz amer picon

0,5 oz campari

The two coffee beans are slightly crushed in a mixing glass, and all liquid are poured over the beans. Stir for almost a minute with a generous amount of fresh ice. Pour in a glass over a huge ice cube and enjoy this refreshing cocktail!


The Saint Negroni definitely resembles  a classic Negroni. However substituting gin with rum, and adding the orange flavored Amer Picon makes the Saint Negroni slightly less bitter, even if the Campari is still very present in the background. The coffee beans add a surprising amount of complexity to the drink, they are really the defining ingredient in this drink, so don’t be tempted to skip them.



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