Yesterday, Today and Amaro Cocktail


So this is yet another great recipe from Brad Thomas Parsons excellent book “Amaro“. The book is almost an encyclopedia of the many different amaros available. But of course the book is also packed with several interesting and unique cocktail recipes. We have previously made an “Eeyore’s Requiem” from this book but this time we are making another funny named cocktail; Yesterday, Today and Amaro.

Parsons’s book:


What’s in it

2 oz rye

0,5 oz cynar

0,25 oz amaro averna

0,25 oz benedictine

Stir with ice until chilled


So not only is there one amaro in this cocktail, but actually two. The combination of cynar and averna works perfect. They both add sweetness to the rather large amount of stiff rye. It’s stil a cocktail for lovers of strong drinks though.

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